Monday, May 5, 2008

Kind and considerate

I am continually struck by how important kindness and communication are when running a collective and cooperative business. I think it is THE MOST important thing and one of the biggest indicators of success.
I just walked into my side job (the other one I must keep so that The Chocolate Rabbit keeps hopping) and I am greeted with moodiness and crankiness from one of my comrades. Even just a simple "I am sorry, I'm not feeling the greatest today" would make a big difference! I'm just about to start working and now wish that I wasn't. It is really sad when people exert patriarchal and unkind control over a business and hence make people feel uncomfortable. This makes it harder for me to be happy and chipper with customers and creates a culture of fear. A cooperative business is the last place fear should exist! I remember to not take it personally and to work with the same ethic and joy which I try to put in all of my endeavors.

This anecdote is merely a side note to emphasize how awesome I think that Rhea is! Even when we deal with serious or unpleasant matters there is always always kindness and understanding. I think we both know that the last thing we want to do is hurt one another and this confidence leads to much better times and much better chocolate! I am very thankful for all these learning experiences!

We have a lot of work coming up with Northwest Veg fest and I have planned my schedule around the chocolate making and booth set up work we must do. We are excited to be a part of Proper Eats booth (thank you soooooo much Piper and James!) and have pre-party jitters. :)

Thanks for your continued support and make sure to mark NW Veg Fest on your calendars!
-The Rabbit

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