Saturday, September 29, 2007


We have dreamed of this day. To begin we are making 100 raw chocolates to eat (lots and lots, we eat lots) and to share with our very happy and healthy friends and roommates! And….. the dude at New Seasons who shared some fruit, the wonderful owners of Mirador (to get Rhea a job…. it worked!), and the owners of a few awesome, local, organic eateries (who will help us get our pretty little socks off the ground). We are also conspiring to send some to a wonderful and rad lady who currently resides in Kauai and San Francisco and loves our chocolate! Also to the boys in the BOG last night who drew us our first pen and ink rabbit. Yes…. in every box of raw truffles there will be a pen and ink drawing (many of rabbits) and some poetry or quotation to tickle your tummy. We are making people happy and in fine fettle (thank you thesaurus …. that does mean “healthy” for those of us born after 1943). We wish everyone a fine evening and good tasty dreams!