Monday, March 17, 2008

Party a r t y

We are tired..... exhausted and in need of deep deep sleep. Thankfully we've had a bit of that over the week (or at least some time to ourselves) although I have lost my voice and Miss Rhea is busy busy with house guests. But the party...
The party was amazing!! Awesome!! More than we expected and almost perfect.
The house was Wonderland. We had a chill out room with pillows and relax space upstairs. John projected Alice in Wonderland on the ceiling and then split it with 4 mirrors attached to the fan. The food room was our tea party, complete with a drunken mouse, the kitchen was bathed in blue light and little cut out rabbits danced along the perimeter. The door way to the basement was a rabbit hole. There was a hula hoop in the door way and a trippy vortex leading into the decked out stair case. Door knobs, doors to no where, clocks, clocks, and mirrors. Enter into the basement where a large caterpillar sat in a black light mushroom field and smoked and shared his hooka. There was a rose bush (painted half red) bread and butterflies behind the bar, excellent beer, champagne, mixed drinks, and a large mural of our rabbit painted behind the dj.

The party started at 8:30 with a few preliminary guests arriving to help with the final touches. The first djs Johnny and Ethan arrived soon after and the music started up. It didn't stop until 4:30 in the morning! People came, sampled chocolate, danced, ate the beautiful array of raw food, and then more people came and then more and then more. All in all, probably 150-175 people came through the house that night. The street was lined with cars and every room was filled. There was a fire and fire dancing out back and the djs and The Repair were amazing. Thank you to everyone. Honestly, I have yet to see pictures from the night. As soon as I get my hands on some, I will post.
Rhea and my next project is to set up our web site and maybe add a few more accounts. Also organize organize organize.
Thanks for everyones support.
With Love

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Chocolate Rabbit Release Revelry!

You heard right, The Chocolate Rabbit is hosting a party and this is sure to mean lots of yummy goodness.
Rhea and I have been working hard hard hard on making the party a reality. The theme (Alice in Wonderland) came to me just two weeks ago and we have been busy making costumes and decorations ever since. I will be Alice (a give in because of the blond hair). Miss Rhea will be the queen of hearts, Jeff -the caterpillar, my love Jacob - the Madhatter, Blair - the rabbit, and hopefully many many many more.
The house.... the house will be turned into a Wonderland thanks to many people's creative efforts. We have mushrooms, a trippy rabbit hole, a tea party, bread and butterflys, a mural of our rabbit, mushrooms, rabbits, colored lights, roses and did I mention mushrooms?!
We have so many people contributing their time, connections, and access to cheap kegs. It's amazing to see so many people coming together. I really appreciate everyones help!! The challenging aspect has been coordinating everything. Djs, band, sound, food, decorations, costumes, making better friends with the neighbors, and our chocolate orders. I'm very nervous and hoping that it all comes together in a timely fashion so I at least maintain some sanity.
The one lucky thing has been that I don't have to work on anything outside of the Chocolate business and the party. Special thanks go out to Little Red Bike Cafe in North Portland for firing me because they claimed I said "meat is disgusting" and giving me access to unemployment (my Scholarship for Self Discovery) for the last three and a half months. It has been truly glorious to be making the same amount of money doing exactly what I want as opposed to having to work full time. (more details on this later)
Today Miss Rhea is making chocolate. I am making bread and butterflies, decorating our mushroom field, contacting everyone I know who may have access to a PA (yep we don't even have sound yet.... scary) And cleaning cleaning cleaning. It's been great having all the crafting going on, but many people sure make a mess.
After the party we will be sure to update with pictures and stories. I'm sure we will have many to share.
Have a fantastic day!