Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Things have been moving smooth as chocolate with the rabbit. The beginning of Spring has proved to be filled with inspiration and creativity, and we continue to have new ideas and new tasty treats! We are still in the process of navigating the creation of our website as we are on a quest to have our vision come alive and have found that sometimes things take longer than planned-something we seem to find out often. =) But, things are coming along and we finally have some new pictures for the website and potentially a new designer. We are also busy getting ready for the NW Veg Fest, and have a new flavor that will be making its sweet debut this Thursday at Proper Eats and Peoples!!-- Crunchy Cacao, a crunchy chocolate with himalayan salt, like every new chocolate, it is my new favorite! And yes, we are still working on that lovely packaging, I will be sooo very happy once we have something beautiful and sustainable, if only uniting with "green" functional boxes was as easy as making chocolate. It will happen! And I think it is happening...

Hope to see you at Veg Fest next weekend! Be sure to check out Howard Lyman on Friday...he is an incredible person with an amaZing story and such a wonderful presence and a powerful powerful speaker!! We will see you there!


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Solaywellness said...

Hi ladies, your chocolate sounds wonderful, how would I order some to be shipped to illinois?
please email me at isamovsky@yahoo.com, Isabella, and I would like to talk about wholesale if possible,