Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh my gosh my golly

I am soooo happy to finally have a few Pre Chocolate Rabbit Party pics up! There was so much hard work and love that went into creating that space that it sent both Rhea and I into a bit of a tail spin. I need the pics to know it even happened!
So here is a bit of a call out to those of you who may have taken pictures of the actual party. WE NEED THEM!
I know I saw lots of cameras snapping pictures of the smoking caterpillar on the mushroom and hopefully the djs and dancing as well. Perhaps a few around the fire, the fire dancing, the bar and the craziness. If anyone can help us compile a bit of these memories (to replace the ones we lost) we would be very grateful!
Thanks for your support and keep checkin back for exciting updates coming soon!
-The Rabbit

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My Year Without said...

I LOVE your chocolates! I found them at People's Co-op several months ago...I live out a ways and so don't get to People's often, but just wanted to say that earlier in the year, when I was having a sweet tooth break down, your chocolates came to my rescue!! I have just added your blog to my list of health blogs.

Any new recipes?