Friday, April 18, 2008


What have we been doing???
After the party, Rhea and I were so tired. We were tired of working in addition to other work. We were tired of having the house turned upside downwards and inside outwards with Wonderland, and we were tired of being together all our waking minutes and talking every 5 seconds when we were apart. The Chocolate Rabbit has slumbered a bit as we have recovered. It is at times like this though that I think we both do some of our best thinking and figuring out exactly what it is we want.

A lot has developed on my end. Jacob and I are back together and our relationship is better than ever before, I am workin a few days a week at a radical collective cafe "The Red and Black" and nannying for an adorable 7 month old girl one other day a week. I haven't stopped cooking (although I did take a 2 week hiatus right right after the party... I have never eaten out so frequently in my life.)

My latest challenge is a vegan passover feast for a group Jake knows through work. It is quite a challenge coming up with vegan kosher for passover stuff because most of the traditional dishes call for eggs. Tofu and Ener-G is not kosher for passover. We are compromising on one dish with tofu and two with Ener-g. Many of the other dishes are raw (including an amazing chocolate mousse!) It's funny that raw stuff is the only type of food which is almost always kosher, vegan, and kosher for passover. Kosher for passover is so complicated, so using raw recipes made things easier.

The Chocolate Rabbit is now looking to develop our raw caramel and sell it in stores. Look for that soon soon! I hope everyone sticks with us. We need your support (and love of chocolate) so much!!!

Love always,

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